Our meetingcabs are one component of the cabs portfolio. Alongside napcabs and relaxcabs, they account for our third product group. meetingcabs provided a private, comfortable space for meetings and confidential discussions at airports. They made it easy to attend meetings or conferences as well as hold conversations with fellow travelers without disruption. They also represented a way to make efficient use of long waiting times between flights by resolving important business matters or simply by having a place to work uninterrupted. Each conversation cabin measured 8 m² and featured one large table, four chairs, and space for work materials.

Customers could book a cabin in person at the meetingcab. Payment (by debit or credit card) occurs through the payment module integrated into the cab and is calculated according to the actual booking duration. Customers were able to leave and reenter the cabin they had booked at any time using a personal, self-selected access code.

The meetingcabs concept was implemented at Munich Airport. The meetingcabs are currently no longer in operation. If you are interested in purchasing or renting the cabs, please feel free to contact the napcabs team.


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